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GGS: The Secret Heart of 2 Billion Asian Dinners (Spicy Lettuce Burritos Included)

Garlic, ginger and scallions are the Asian mirepoix, the Far Eastern alternative to carrots, celery and onions, the combo that flavors both the wanton and the broth, the short ribs and the stir fry. It’s the characteristic Chinese/Korean/Japanese cooked-meat flavoring that you’ve known your whole life but possibly never placed. Along with soy sauce, it’s what grounds an otherwise arbitrary list of ingredients. Continue reading


Cooking with Orange Peels: Beware Kumquat Mouth

Last night, Jenny made an amazing dish from this month’s Bon Appetit: Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry with Tangerines. It was one of the most original stir fries I’d had in a while (that shit gets boring fast, let me tell ya). After I drew a squiggly string of sriracha around the dish then mixed it all up, it was super tasty. But after you ate too many of those tangerine wedges, you got what I’ll call, for lack of a better term, “kumquat mouth.” Continue reading