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GGS: The Secret Heart of 2 Billion Asian Dinners (Spicy Lettuce Burritos Included)

Garlic, ginger and scallions are the Asian mirepoix, the Far Eastern alternative to carrots, celery and onions, the combo that flavors both the wanton and the broth, the short ribs and the stir fry. It’s the characteristic Chinese/Korean/Japanese cooked-meat flavoring that you’ve known your whole life but possibly never placed. Along with soy sauce, it’s what grounds an otherwise arbitrary list of ingredients. Continue reading


Con-diments and Other Franken-groceries

What’s a “con-diment”? Honey mustard, for one. (Secret: It’s just honey and mustard mixed together, probably of way shittier quality than the honey and mustard you already own.) Pad Thai sauce, too. Sounds exotic, but why spend $4 for a tiny jar of ketchup, sugar and fish sauce. If you’re going that route, might as well pick up a jar of Goober, too. More pre-packaged scams, off the top of my head: Continue reading