Lettuce, Slice or Tear?

It’s just one of those things I feel may be a 50/50 split. When you’re making a salad with these big ole red-leaf lettuce leaves, do you rip them or slice them? I kinda like the look of sliced romaine in my caesar salad, but there’s something very culinary about tearing it up. So, like, I dunno.


4 responses to “Lettuce, Slice or Tear?

  1. I’m all for tearing!

  2. tear! the only time i slice lettuce is for tacos and taco salads.

  3. Margaret Wilson

    When making a chopped salad, I cut the lettuce with scissors. It’s fast and the pieces are the right size.

  4. It depends on the salad to me. If I want a really crisp, textured salad then I slice – like an italian chopped salad. I think the straight edges give it more crunch. For something not as crisp – like a salad with butter lettuce – I tear.

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