The Gentleman from Tel Aviv Responds

Message from Guy, one half of my Israeli-food mentoring squad:

Regarding your shakshuka expedition, may we suggest a slight twist on the Jerusalem serving? (We are, after all, from Tel Aviv, and therefore do things differently, nay, better.) Make the individual servings of the shakshuka in small pans (say, two eggs in each) and serve them while still in the pan with half a loaf of the plainest white bread or challah. When the meal is done, the pans should be wiped spotlessly clean, the bread all gone, but no more than the original half-loaf consumed. There’s a place in Jaffa aptly named Dr. Shakshuka that is the pinnacle of this particular school. (Pictured above, but be sure to take the virtual tour on their website.)

The bit about using all the bread on the shakshuka actually originated in Arab hummus joints. Today, even in most of the Israeli ones, it is considered bad form to either leave hummus in the plate or leave half-eaten pitas at the end of the meal. (I guess neither Arabs nor Jews like wasting food.) Note that this also holds true for all the hummus and tahini sub-categories, including msabcha, mashawsha, fool (including the sub-sub-category of fool mdamass) and siniya.

Final thought: At the end of the day, we can blog about this till we’re blue in the face, but until you actually get your butts down to our neck of the woods and have Ovad’s sabich, hummus-tehina at the Syrian’s place in the Carmel Market, and a “komplet” (hummus-fool-hard-boiled egg) at Abu el Abed in Jaffa and Hummus Ashkara in Tel Aviv, it’s all just theory…


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